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Self esteem- finding a you to feel proud of

Many of my clients come to me with a feeling that deep down they just aren’t good enough. This can of course feel different for everybody, however it can leave life feeling difficult to cope with. It can effect confidence, relationships, professional lives and hopes for the future. If you find yourself beating yourself up […]

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Depression- there IS hope.

I have worked with a large number of clients and have often been struck by how the experience of depression can differ so much between individuals.   Some describe it as feeling they are constantly carrying around a heavy weight, a dark cloud in their head or shadow that they struggle to get away from. […]

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New Year, New You?

Happy New Year?   For lots of people this can feel a hard time of year.   Whether Christmas was a time of joy, surrounded by those you love, or a challenge where you recognised who was missing or what is difficult at the moment, January and February can be tough- and the grey days […]

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