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How I Can Help You

More than I in 4 people access counselling or psychotherapy at some point in their lives (BACP, 2014).


Therefore if you are unhappy or life feels like a struggle you are not alone.




I understand how frightening it can be to feel stuck and like there is no way out, but I want you to know that if you are ready for things to change then they can, however difficult things are feeling now.


I also understand that sometimes we feel we need a ‘quick fix’; we wish someone would wave a magic wand and help us out of the mess we feel in. I often wish I could do this for my clients, I also know that the only expert of you is you, and it is important to find a solution that feels meaningful and will be long lasting.


We will therefore work together to find the best for you. This will mean me supporting you as you explore the detail of the difficulties you are facing. This can sometimes feel easy as you are relieved to have someone to offload to, other times this can feel like a real challenge that you need to work hard at. Either way the results can be really powerful as you find out what it is you really need to feel happier being you.


I have seen first-hand, both personally and professionally, the power counselling has to change lives and I really look forward to discussing how it can help you.